SHOMI's Haitian Support Staff - Praise, Prayer & Pictures

Today I have thought a lot about how blessed Shining Hope Missions is to have such a phenomenal support staff in Haiti. These young men and women are wonderful role models for children and adults in the communities they serve in.

  • They make sure we have kids club programming and soccer practice every week.

  • They provide a safe environment for the children, free from abuse of any kind.

  • They teach the bible and tell the children and teens about Jesus.

  • They meet to discus ways to improve SHOMI programming and educational support.

Please pray for the Haitian support staff. Life in Haiti is very difficult with few opportunities and much suffering. Pray they will find comfort in the Lord. Pray they will be blessed with shelter, food, clean water and good health. Pray they will receive wisdom and direction from God. Pray they will bring others to Jesus. Pray God will shield them and their families from evil.

Thank You Team! We Love You!

Angela Nolin, President Shining Hope Missions - SHOMI & SHOMI Board