SHOMI Team Trip to Fort Jacques

What is Fort Jaques ?

Fort Jacques was built in between 1804-1806 following the proclamation of Haiti’s independence, General Alexandre Petition had a fortification built in the district of Grand Fond. The fortification was given the name Fort Jacques in honour of Jean-Jacques Dessalines; leader of the Haitian Revolution and the first ruler of an independent Haiti.

The SHOMI team celebrated their soccer victory at Fort Jaques with parents and siblings. For many of the kids, this is their first trip here.

Check out these great pictures of their trip.

SHOMI Teams are Winners!

Wow! We have some very happy kids! They worked hard and both teams placed in the tournament. The SHOMI Jr. team took 1st place and received a big trophy. The Sr. SHOMI team took 2nd place. We are so proud of our players and coaches! Not only did they win but had excellent sportsmanship!

Thank you to our donors for making it possible for our players to participate in tournaments.

SHOMI's Haitian School Raspberry PI Computer Lab

SHOMI has returned from Haiti. The computer lab is up and running with a few things still to complete soon (frame around the batteries and controllers). At this time there are 14 Raspberry PI computers and 2 Raspberry PI Servers. The first server is filled with 91GB of French material including the entire French Wikipedia, 10k books, 3k+ instructional videos on math and science and modules on other topics. The second server will allow the students to work on assignments and save their work. The computers are powered by 4x 100 watt Renogy solar panels and 4 AGM 245ah batteries. We were able to have a few training classes with a group of 7th to 9th grade students and teachers.

SHOMI thanks the following:

TECH Electronics for the monitors and mice donations.

Ellis Battery for all of their assistance in obtaining the right batteries for the job.

A generous donor for the new generator while in Haiti that worked great to run training classes back at the house.

Renogy Solar for the great products and technical support to determine the inverter has a slight fault and advance shipped a new one to me in the US that will be replaced in the next couple of months.

SHOMI thanks the Haitian community for their friendship and support.

SHOMI gives thanks to GOD for the people that have been put in our path to accomplish this big task. We give GOD thanks for our talents to accomplish this work to honor him.

SHOMI Kids Club Field Trip August 31, 2018

Message from the SHOMI, kids club team in Haiti :

Hello, today we have a very nice activity with the children before returning from class. We have a 2 hour walk to the place to arrive at the destination with the children. We arrived at the destination, played and ate together. It was a very beautiful activity.