Dear Shining Hope Missions Student Sponsors,

Thank you so much for choosing to sponsor a child’s education in Haiti!

MORE THAN JUST AN EDUCATION: Your sponsorship not only provides an education for a child, but it also decreases the chances the child will be taken to an orphanage. Haitian parents understand the importance of their child receiving an education and want what's best for them. If they are unable to pay the tuition, book fees and uniform costs for their child to attend school, the parents often feel compelled to give up their child so they can receive an education for a better life. However, studies show this is not the case. The children are much better off staying with their parents, with some exceptions. Children living in orphanages often develop attachment disorders and are often not treated well.

OUR HOPES: We hope and pray you will continue to sponsor your child throughout their education. We hope you and your family will be like Godparents to your sponsor child. In Haiti, having Godparents is very special! We hope that a bond will be built between families.

WHAT DOES THE PAYMENT INCLUDE & WHEN IT’S DUE : The $150 annual payment, due in July, will be used to pay the tuition for your sponsor child’s school year 2019 – 2020. After paying tuition fees, the remaining money will be used to purchase a uniform and books.

Payments can be made on the website or Checks can be mailed to:

Shining Hope Missions
6035 W. Outer Rd
P.O. Box 786
Imperial, MO 63052

LETTERS, SMALL GIFTS, PICTURES & VISITS: We would love for you to have a small gift or gift(s) for your sponsor child. It would be wonderful if you could send a short letter to your child and a picture of you/your family. Your letter will be read to them in Kreyol when I visit.

When we are in Haiti, I will take pictures of your child opening their bags and hearing your letters. If you see pictures of your child and they are not smiling, there are 3 reasons why this may be the case (1) there is a lot of suffering in Haiti and the child may have had a rough day (2) the child is shy (3) in the Haitian culture people do not smile for pictures.

If you are ever interested in taking a mission trip with Shining Hope Missions, we would love to talk to you about it. We do require a background check for everyone who goes with us. It would be a great opportunity to meet your sponsored child.

SHOMI and I appreciate your financial sacrifice and believe it will be a blessing for you and your family.

Thank You and Glory to God!